[DENIED] Fernando Vela [Security Officer] [SA]

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[DENIED] Fernando Vela [Security Officer] [SA]

Post by D-Kay »

I. Personal Information

I.1 Firstname: Fernando
I.2 Lastname: Vela
I.3 Phone number: 838383
I.4 Routing number: 57528012
I.5 Residential Address: 2330 Jamestown Street
I.6 Date of birth: 09/03/1998
I.7 City of birth: Los Santos
I.8 Gender:
  • [x] Male
    [] Female
    [] Other
I.9 Ethnicity:
  • [] White
    [] Black or African American
    [x] Hispanic or Latino
    [] American Indian or Alaska Native
    [] Asian
    [] Filipino
    [] Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
    [] Other (specify: )
I.10 Height (ft/in): 5'5
I.11 Weight (lb): 175
II. Education

II.1. Education status:
  • [x] High School
    [] College
    [] Associate's Degree
    [] Bachelor's Degree
    [] Master's Degree
    [] Doctorate
II.2. Educational institution details
II.2.1. Name: Davis High
II.2.2. Years Studied (from-to): From 01/09/2015 to 01/09/2019
II.2.3. Study Course (if applicable): Commercialist
III. Employment History

III.1. Current employer:
III.1.1. Since: DD/MMM/YYYY

III.2. Past employers:
III.2.1 Name: <business name, if any> ,from DD/MMM/YYYY to DD/MMM/YYYY.
III.2.2 Name: <business name, if any> ,from DD/MMM/YYYY to DD/MMM/YYYY.

III.3. Past law enforcement history within San Andreas (if any)
III.3.1. Department:
III.3.2. Rank:
III.3.3. Service time:
III.3.3. Reason for leaving:

III.4 Past military service
III.4.1. Military Branch:
III.4.2. Service time:
III.4.3. Discharge
  • [] Honorable
    [] Dishonorable
IV. General Information

IV.1. Position applying for:
  • [x] Security Officer
    [] Security Guard
    [] Technician
    [] Public Relations Officer
    [] Dispatcher
    [] Security Supervisor (Liberty City Only)
    [] Other (define: )
IV.2. Do you have a valid driving license?
  • [] Yes
    [] No
IV.3. Do you currently possess a weapon license?
  • [] Purchase Firearm (PF)
    [] Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW)
    [] Guard Card (GC)
    [x] None
IV.4. Do you currently have a criminal record?
  • [] Yes
    [x] No
IV.5. Do you have any medical disabilities?
  • [] Yes
    [] No
V. Application Declaration

I, Fernando Vela, do herein agree that the information aforementioned is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and understand the possible criminal charges of perjury. I further agree and personally understand that the information given here will be used for my application process towards Gruppe 6 Corporate Security, and I understand that I may be a subject to a preliminary background check. I agree that if approved to proceed with the hiring process, I will abide by the employee standards that I will be requested to follow.
V.1. Fernando Vela:

V.2. Date: 01/26/2023
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Leroy Wallace
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Supervisor Security Officer
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Re: Fernando Vela [Security Officer] [LS]

Post by Leroy Wallace »

Hello Mr. Fernarndo Vela,

On behalf of the Gruppe 6 Training & Recruitment team, I'd like to notify you that your application has been put on hold. We have found the following issues with your application;
Reason: Please correct the following:

- III: If you don't have previous employment, mark it with N/A
- V.1: (( correct the format; It should say Signature: your name. ))
- V.2: Use: Day/Month/Year format.
- VI.5: (( You have to write an IC background story. ))
- VI.6: (( UCP is back up now, make sure you provide (full admin record screenshot) ))
- VI.7: (( do /stats IG and take a screenshot of your screen. ))
- VI.8: fill that with the necessary information.
- VI.7: Choose Positive or Negative.

Your recruitment has not ended yet; please edit your application to fit within 72 hours.


Supervisor Security Officer Leroy Wallace
Training & Recruitment Officer
Supervisor Security Officer Leroy Wallace
Parol Operations, San Andreas Branch
Gruppe 6 Corporate Security

Keantay Dorsey
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Lead Security Officer
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Re: [DENIED] Fernando Vela [Security Officer] [SA]

Post by Keantay Dorsey »

Hello Mr Fernando Vela,

On behalf of the Gruppe 6 Training & Recruitment team I'd like to sadly notify you that your application has been denied. We have deemed your application unsatisfactory and not up to our standards. Your recruitment sadly ends here and you are not allowed to re-apply in the upcoming 2 weeks.
Denial Reason: Failure to correct application in the given time frame.


Lead Security Officer Keantay Dorsey
Training & Recruitment Officer
Lead Security Officer Keantay Dorsey
Patrol Operations, San Andreas Branch
Gruppe 6 Corporate Security

Training & Recruitment, Guiding Patrol Officer, Live Support Team, Technician