🛒 Equipment Prices & Retail (NEW!)

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🛒 Equipment Prices & Retail (NEW!)

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  1. Cameras & Surveillance Equipment
  2. Property Alarm Systems
  3. Fire Alarm Systems
  4. Security Extras
  5. Others
I. Cameras & Surveillance Equipment
Product NamePrice
Gruppe 6 CCTV Kit Home (1x DVR + 3x CCTV Cameras)1500
Gruppe 6 CCTV Kit Enterprise (1x DVR + 6x CCTV Cameras)2500
Gruppe 6 CCTV Kit Pro (1x DVR + 10x CCTV Cameras)4000
Gruppe 6 Exterior 1080p CCTV Camera500
Gruppe 6 Interior 1080p CCTV Camera400
Gruppe 6 Exterior 1080p 360 CCTV Camera750
Gruppe 6 Interior 1080p 360 CCTV Camera600
Gruppe 6 DVR for up to 10 cameras(1)600
Gruppe 6 1080p Dashboard Camera500
Gruppe 6 HD Hidden Camera (w/ microSD slot) - Black & Gold Pen5500

II. Property Alarm Systems
Product NamePrice
Gruppe 6 Bronze Property Alarm Kit (Control panel, Wiwang Alarm Box & Transmitter, 2x Proximity Sensors)6400
Notifies G6 automatically; Cheapest available option via WiWang Alarm Box. Does not include property patrols!
Gruppe 6 Silver Property Alarm Kit (Control panel, Tenshun Alarm Box & Transmitter, 4x Proximity Sensors)8000
Notifies G6 and the property owner automatically; Less delay and decent reliability via Tenshun Alarm Box
Gruppe 6 Gold Property Alarm Kit (Control panel, Toshi Alarm Box & Transmitter, 6x Proximity Sensors)12000
Notifies G6, property owner and police automatically; Even less delay and good reliability via Toshi Alarm Box
Gruppe 6 Platinum Property Alarm Kit (Control panel, ThriftEX Alarm Box & Transmitter, 8x Proximity Sensors)16000
Notifies G6, property owner and police automatically; Lowest delay and great reliability via ThriftEX Alarm Box
Property Alarms require a monthly renewal in order to keep the service active.
All alarms except the Bronze Alarm Kit (Wiwang) include regular property patrols.
Inactive G6 alarms can be relinked to our system at any time.
If you already have a respective alarm box set up, it can be linked to our system for a one-time fee of $3,000.- (discounts only apply upon renewals).
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III. Fire Alarm Systems
Product NamePrice
Gruppe 6 Smoke Alarm Kit (6 Smoke Detectors + Smoke Alarm Box + 2 Fire Extinguishers)2500
Gruppe 6 Smoke Detector 3-Pack500
Gruppe 6 Smoke Detector 6-Pack800
Gruppe 6 Smoke Detector200
Gruppe 6 Smoke Alarm Box1200
Gruppe 6 Portable Fire Extinguisher500
IV. Security Extras
Product NamePrice
Gruppe 6 Electronic Door Lock600
Gruppe 6 Alarm Impact / Proximity Sensor(2)400
Gruppe 6 Alarm Keypad750
Gruppe 6 Alarm Transmitter Range Extender(3)300
Gruppe 6 High-Alert Alarm Bell300
*Proximity sensor is also called Impact Sensor, it is mounted to the windows and walls and it will trigger the alarm if it detects motion.

V. Others
Product NamePrice
Gruppe 6 Handheld Metal Detector500
Gruppe 6 Walkthrough Metal Detector15000
Gruppe 6 PD1000S CB Radio Terminal3000
Gruppe 6 Expandable Baton*22000
* Guard Card holders only

Additional standalone components may be added to every package.

(1) CCTV's only work with a digital video recorder installed. It also keeps the footage.
(2) Only works in the direct vicinity of an installed active alarm system.
(3) A transmitter range extender is needed for properties outside the city limits.
(4) Consists of 1x CO2 and 1x water fire extinguisher.

All prices are noted in United States Dollars (USD / $) and include sales tax. Gruppe 6 reserves the right to make changes to existing prices and services at any time for any reason(s). For more detailed inquiries or to book an installation, visit our Live Support or call our toll-free hotline at 707!
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