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 All of our guards have passed an exhaustive hiring process, complete with interviews, background checks and drug testing, and received comprehensive training to ensure that they can provide you with security services of the highest quality. 


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Our Security Patrol is the main aspect of our security prevention measures. This is the reaction unit of Gruppe 6, those who respond to property signals within a set time frame. Security Patrol also conduct patrols on a specific set route, or stand at dedicated 'idle spots'. A private property or vehicle without an alarm can also be included into a patrol route. The set patrol unit checks for any vandalism or other harm done to your property and/or vehicle(s) and lets you know about it. Our Protection Officers can also apprehend violators depending on your set contract with Gruppe 6. Those patrols mainly consist of highly qualified armed personnel. They also responds to property panic buttons, fire and property alarms. Our protection officers are fully licensed and insured to provide a wide range of patrol security services. This includes perimeter and surveillance patrols, observe and report, investigation of suspicious activity, power to arrest, lockup and alarm, parking enforcement, terrorism and WMD awareness, public relations, communication, and general duties. If needed, we can provide guards that are also permitted to carry firearms, batons, or pepper spray, or certified in CPR and first aid.

Our security and fire system professional technicians are available for the core system of every home security - your devices and all the other nitty bits that make your security work are the key to having a trouble-free operational security system.